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Welcome to Equip Digital Remote Soccer 

Equip Digital Remote Soccer is a 4-week training block and includes 3 unique workouts per week. Each workout includes sequenced mobility drills, muscle activation exercises, dynamic movement patterns and foundational strength work. All designed to help you get back on the pitch and ready for the season.
Equip Digital Remote Soccer is 100% online, self-paced and designed so that you can participate at home or on the go. This means you can schedule your strength and conditioning days in between practice or more technical on-the-ball days.
Weekly programming content includes video demonstrations and is easy to follow along using a mobile phone or tablet.
To get started with Equip Digital Remote Soccer, you won't need any equipment other than soccer ball, water bottle and towel. 
Our athletes often ask about purchasing basic equipment. Over time and as you progress with the movements, you may wish to consider the following equipment:   
  • 1 x stretch / yoga mat
  • 2 x light to moderate dumbbells (10-25#)
    1 x light to moderate kettle bell (18-35#)
  • 1 x speed ladder
  • 1 x mini loop band - examples from Rogue or Amazon 
  • 1 x light resistance band - examples from Rogue (red band) or Amazon

How do you access our remote training?

Simple. Just click on the button below and visit the Online Academy.

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