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  • Here’s what happened over the summer

    By Julie Shepherd

    Summer Programs – Success Stories

    San Marin Cheer JV and Varsity – The girls came in over the summer for 5 weeks of off season training.  Their goals over the summer:

    • gain overall strength
    • learn how to lift and catch properly
    • build stability in the hips and ankles

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  • The rise of ACL injuries among our female student athletes; Equipped with information, are we willing to change the way we train?

    By Andy Boone and Julie Shepherd

    We’d like to kick-start a discussion around the rising number of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (“ACL”) injuries among our female student athletes. Equip Sports Performance is aware of at least 12 Marin County female student athletes who suffered ACL injuries in the last three years alone. Although we cannot prevent all ACL injuries, it’s been shown that there are in fact steps we can take to reduce the rate of occurrence. So, what do we know, and what steps can we take to address this problem?

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